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Community Group Registration

We are excited that you are interested in pursuing community at Southern Hills. Beyond our Sunday morning services and classes, Community Groups serve as a primary means of discipleship.


Please feel free to register now to be placed into a CG, and we will be in contact with you when the next placement occurs.

Before completing the registration please read through the CG covenant below:

  • I will make my CG meetings a priority.
  • I will accept the responsibility to come to CG prepared and ready to participate.
  • I will maintain confidentiality of the personal information that is shared within my CG.  
  • I will do my best to show love and acceptance to each member of my group.
  • I will be open to the group with respect to my personal/spiritual goals.
  • I will commit to a CG, which is open to new members, and as it grows, we will multiply to further God's work.
  • I will take ownership of my responsibility of being faithful, accountable, and teachable in my CG.
  • I will work with my CG to reach out to our community with the gospel.
  • I will pray for my CG leader, apprentice, and the members of my CG.
Community Group Registration

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(Please give a name or any other information if you can; Pastor, Membership Class, Other Church Member, etc.)

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