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Knowing Jesus and Making Jesus Known

As His church we gather together on a weekly basis in order that we might get to know Jesus in ever increasing ways...and as a church we scatter throughout the week to share and proclaim Jesus to others. 

Our desire to "know Jesus and make Jesus known" is accomplished in us and through us as we commit to the following:

1. Commitment to Biblical Instruction

The Bible is God's Word to us and we have made a commitment to proclaim its authority in fullness without hypocrisy or apology.

2. Commitment to Community that is the Church

The church is the local community of God's people.  It is here that we enjoy the intimacy that comes from being in a committed relationship with our local body of believers.  

It is here where we exhort, challenge encourage, train, and discipline.  The church - the true community of God's people, is not intended to be a place where a number of autonomous families and individuals gather to worship; instead, it is the family of God gathering together for the purpose of gospel mission.  

Together we become more like Jesus and together we carry out the mission of the church.

3. Commitment to Prayer as our great resource

Prayer is not a spiritual gift meant for a select few, or a spiritual luxury - it's a spiritual discipline.  We want to be a church that is characterized by a mature prayer life.  

Part of "knowing Jesus and making Jesus known" is being able to put His gospel into practice on a daily basis - and our success in all this depends on prayer.

There is a wrestling quality of prayer that we see in Scripture and church history - we acknowledge our need to embrace this type of prayer.  When we pray may our soul awake as we realize that we are in conversation with mighty God, His attention is on us, and we have His ear.  May this truth bring energy, alertness and a fire to our prayers.  

4. Commitment to GO...

We GO by serving, giving, and telling. Contrary to popular belief, following Jesus requires hard work.  The concept of gospel-centered work is sometimes difficult to grasp.

We live in a culture where we make ourselves tired doing numerous task and giving money and time to numerous venues and hobbies - its easy to be generous and bold in our efforts to expand our "earthly kingdoms."

But, as we acknowledge that it's all about Jesus and making Jesus known, we hope to grow in our willingness to be increasingly more generous and bold for the benefit of His kingdom, not our own.